We source virtually all make of vehicles for clients locally and internationally alongside shipping of cars and heavy equipment. Whatever your budget, we got you covered.

Our Services

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International Car Sourcing

This service is so unique and in high demand. We can help you source, inspect and purchase a clean and non-accidents vehicle direct from the US, Europe and Germany with just a few steps

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Local Car Sourcing

We take the stress off our clients by deploying our expertise in helping them source for cars from Lagos and other southwest states.

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Car Bidding

Take advantage of affordables vehicles from US auction websites like copart and iaai.

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Whatever the shipping method of your vehicle or goods we can take care of the clearing at affordable rates.

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Shipping Services

Whatever your auto shipping needs, we can handle it. With us you are sure of shipping your vehicle via RoRo and Container from US, Europe and Dubai. Ground trucking and ocean shipping services are what we offer irrespective of the location of the vehicle in the US, Europe and UAE.

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Vehicle Inspection

With the best hands in our team, we can guarantee a top-notch inspection service that will help you make an informed decision before purchase

Why Choose Us

Integrity and Efficiency

We are people of tested and proven track record of uncommon integrity and efficiency for more than nine years. We got you covered because we have what it takes.

Experience and Expertise

With our seasoned professionals both locally and internationally coupled with several years of experience in vehicle sourcing, inspection, shipping etc., you can assured of better car.


Due to our transparent nature, we provide tracking details for clients to keep track with their vehicles voyage onboard. Tracking clears all doubts and put the mind at rest. 

Timely Delivey

We do all within our purview to ensure orders are delivered within stipulated time frame all things being equal. With us you can be sure of getting your delivered to time.

Client Testimonials

‘Vehicle was delivered in good condition as seen online in the USA. Highest level of integrity and commitment was displayed. All financial transaction was transparent and absolutely fraud free without any course to doubt them. I will surely do more business with G-Importers crew. Honest people. (Port Harcourt)
“Gimporters is a very reliable entity. No physical contact and your order will be delivered at your door step. Just make your selection and let Gimporters do the rest. Testimonies and a trial should convince you
(Ogun State).”
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Emmanuel Akinsiku
“Delivered in 2019. ‘The most trusted and sincere people I have ever come across. I entrusted lots of funds without seeing them in person and they delivered. This is just the beginning of many transactions and referral from me. Thank a lot.’ (Port Harcourt)”

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