Local and International Car Sourcing firm

We have been in the car sourcing business for more than nine (9) years. We source vehicles both locally and internationally depending on our clients needs. Our wealth of experience has positioned as one of the most reliably company to handle your next vehicle purchase. We will cover sourcing, inspection, verification of documents and delivery at your doorstep.

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Working Hours

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Why Choose Us

Engaging the best company like us to help you with the purchase of your next ride can’t be too much. If that sounds like you, here are reasons why you must engage us.

Vehicle Inspection Expert

We have seasoned vehicle inspection experts with several years of experience both locally and internationally.

Experience Skills​

We have more than nine years experience in this industry. With our experience you can be guaranteed a great ride.

Low Cost

Our fee is pocket friendly and you will sure get value for what you pay for.

Guarantee Services

Our service has been tested and trusted by many.

Trusted Work​

You can entrust with your next car purchase because we will do our due diligence to get the best car for you.


We are people of tested and proven integrity in this industry. Integrity is one of our core values and we maintained it for years. You can be 100% sure we will deliver on our promise.