Bid & Ship Cars


Search for the vehicle on and Share the link with us on 08109646816 via whatsapp or send it to with your minimum and maximum budget for the bidding excluding the auction fees.

You will get a quote within 48hours if your budget is realistic otherwise we will advise you to review your budget or look for another car.

Once you are fine with the quote, we will raise an invoice for you to pay a refundable security deposit of $400.

After receiving the payment ($400), we will bid for the vehicle on your behalf and if the bid is won, you will be notified to pay up the balance within 24hours to avoid late payment fee of $50. On the other hand, if the bid is lost and you are not willing to proceed, we will initiate a refund.

Once the balance is received, we will make payment to the auction then pick up and dropped off the vehicle at the port within 72hours after winning the bid

The tracking details will be forwarded to you within 48hours after the vehicle is delivered at the port.

Terms and conditions for bidding on copart and iaai.

  1. All clients will be required to pay a refundable security deposit of $600 before commencing the bidding. Reason: If we bid and win but you decide to back out, it will make up for whatever fine that will be placed by the auction.
  2. Vehicle will be delivered at the Port within 48hours after confirmation of payment by the auction.
  3. Our charges are as follows:
      • Auction Fee (plus or minus): $600
      • Ground Trucking (Depending on location): $300- $500
      • Ocean Shipping: $1095
      • Broker Fee: $225 and 5% for vehicles above $8999
      • International Transfer Fee: $50
  4. We do not get involve in the clearing process but we can recommend credible agents to help facilitate the clearing process.
  5. Clients take responsibility of storage fee for late payment.
  6. We do not give out hard copy bill of laden but provide a telex release or print at destination in place of hard copy bill of laden and clients undertake responsibility for the charges.


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