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Ship your vehicle with G-Importers. We have almost a decade experience in auto shipping. With the help of our partners cut across the US, Europe and United Arab Emirate, we ship all kinds of vehicles. We handle ground transportation, shipping by Roll-on/Roll-off, container and possibly air-freight. ship any car to Nigeria. It is a seamless and transparent process as we will provide the tracking details so you can keep track with the voyage. Depending on your need, we will pick up from any location in the US, Europe and UAE and  ship to Nigeria. Get a quote today by sending a mail to or whatsapp us on 08109646816.

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Original Vehicle Title. Bill of Sales. Consignee Full Details

Here are the five Steps

Step 1- Get a quote: you will need a quote to get started which cover both the ground trucking and shipping. Send a mail to to request a quote.
Step 2- complete Shipping form: You have to fill our shipping form.
Step 3: Prepare your Required
Documents: The documents needed are the original title and bill of sales. The title must be handy for US shipping only.
Step 4-Prepare your car for pick up: If your car is in your yard get it ready as we arrange for pick up or if it’s purchased from the auction/dealership, get them informed before we pick up.
Step 5-We do the rest: At this point, we will do the rest and get the tracking details across so you can keep track with your vehicle.

Let’s talk business
How much do ship cars?

Prices start at


for a car

Let’s truck and ship that car for you.

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