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About us

G-Importers Autos is an arm of G-Importers logistics. We specialize in international and local car sourcing, inspection, shipping etc. G-Importers has a wealth of experience more than nine years and still counting in this industry.

Our story

The company started in 2013 as G-Importers Nigeria but it’s name was later changed to      G-Importers Logistics in 2019 which captures all the services we currently offer.

Our Mission

We are set out to solve mobility issue at the most affordable cost.

Why Choose Us

Integrity and efficiency

We are people of tested and proven track record of uncommon integrity and efficiency for more than nine years. We got you covered because we have what it takes.

Experience and Expertise

With our seasoned professionals both locally and internationally coupled with several years of experience in vehicle sourcing, inspection, shipping etc., you can be assured of a better car.


Due to our transparent nature, we provide tracking details for clients to keep track with their vehicles voyage onboard. Tracking clears all doubts and put the mind at rest. 

Timely Delivery

We do all within our purview to ensure orders are delivered within stipulated time frame all things being equal. With us you can be sure of getting your delivered to time.

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