Terms and Conditions

G-IMPORTERS LOGISTICS, of No. 3-9, OluKoleosho Street, off Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos State of Nigeria (hereinafter referred to as “THE COMPANY”) which expression shall where the context so admits include its Executors, Administrators, Personal Representatives, Successors-in-title and Assigns of the second part.

W H E R E A S: –

  1. The Company is a registered company under the extant law in Nigeria, i.e. Company

and Allied Matters Act whose office address is at No. 3-9, Olu Koleosho Street, off

Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos State of Nigeria.

  1. The Company is into the business of international vehicle and equipment purchase, bidding, shipping, exportation apart from incidental services.
  2. The Client is an interested party who has picked interest in the business outfit of the company and has contracted the Company for such purpose.

I/we agree that the transaction between me/us and G-Importers Logistics shall be governed by the conditions specified below: 

  1. Ensure all outstanding are settled before engaging our trucking and shipping service. We won’t use our funds to offset your outstanding.
  2. Ensure title is Handy to avoid drop off delay.
  3. Clients will be responsible for storage fees to the auction for late payment.
  4. We don’t give out hard copy bill of laden/dock receipt and clients undertake all fees relating to telex release or print at destination.
  5. We won’t take responsibility for delays as a result of title unavailability at the point of pick up from the auction.
  6. All related charges and storage cost resulting from clause (5) while title is being awaited will be borne by the client.
  7. All delay after dropped off at the port are not in any way our responsibility hence we won’t be liable for delay caused by shipping company, title, customs, change in government policy and other reasons that may arise.
  8. Trucking must be paid before pick up while the shipping cost can be paid a week before vessel arrives Nigeria but that shouldn’t exceed 45days after arrival of the vessel. Any shipment that stays 45days without payment will be auctioned to recover the shipping cost.
  9. Redelivery of rejected units to the port may not be as fast as it should and all related expenses ranging from storage, repairs, redelivery cost etc. will be bore by the owner of the car.
  10. Note: the auction is not always correct about the states of vehicles hence Non-Runner/Forklift fee may apply if the car is not a Run and Drive.
  11. We don’t issue Dock Receipt to client but we will provide the Tracking details as soon as the vehicle is booked and dropped off at the port.
  12. All full preorder transaction i.e purchase from dealership and individuals in the US payment plan will be as follows.

First Installment: Purchase+ Shipping + Other Miscellaneous.

Second Installment: Clearing Cost

Third Installment: Balance on Delivery.

  1. Bidding or Buyer Now payment plan is:

Security Deposit: $600/$1000/15%

Second Installment after winning the bid: Cost of Vehicle, trucking and shipping.

Third installment on or before it arrives Nigeria: Clearing Cost.

  1. Any increment in Customs duty due to government policy for an ongoing transaction will be passed to the client.
  2. Clients can handle the clearing of their vehicles for only auction purchase either through us or otherwise and a few exceptions for preorder deals to be determined by the company.
  3. All clients are responsible for full insurance coverage in case of loses, inferno due to force majeure. However, the company will compensate with a token to be determined by the management in such cases but a client will get full compensation when goods onboard is fully insured.
  4. We don’t refund money to clients but if a client insists then he will have to forfeit 40% of the amount deposited for auction (Bidding, Trucking, Shipping etc.) related transactions and 7.5% for a full preorder transaction. So, ensure you have made up your mind before engaging us.
  5. In case of delay in issuing Telex, we will cover part of the storage incurred at the port. Note processing time for Telex is between 3 to 5working days.
  6. Run dry fee applies for all pick ups we embark without prior notice of a decline from the client.

Thank you.